Today’s Headlines

  • Bronx Docs Say Respiratory Ailments a Leading Health Threat (News)
  • Thorough Street Plowing Brings Noise Complaints, Discretionary Driving (Post)
  • More Crackdown Confusion: Cops May Not Know Bike Laws, But Cyclists Damn Well Better (L Mag)
  • Speaking of Confusion, Manhattan CB 8 Holds Hearing on Electric Bikes (Our Town)
  • Proposed Apartments for Downtown Flushing to Sport 100 Percent Parking Ratio (Crain’s)
  • Queens Crap Notes Hypocrisy of Bloomberg EDC Retail Development Strategy (via Sheepshead Bites)
  • News Sources Say Cuomo Can’t Find Anyone to Head State Economic Development Agency
  • Police Academy Hangs Bogus Signage to Commandeer Gramercy Parking? (News)
  • MTR Breaks Down the Congressional Threat to Transpo Funding
  • Cap’n Transit Ranks Regional VMT, Ponders Energy Overkill

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