Today’s Headlines

  • Car-on-Bike Crashes Are Up — The Post Finds a Cop Who Blames Cyclists and Bike Lanes
  • City Council Gives Final Approval to Riverside Center and Its 1,500 Parking Spaces (NYT)
  • Construction Has Started on NY Botanical Garden’s Huge New Subsidized Garage (BoogieDowner)
  • LaHood: High Speed Rail Will Be Our Generation’s Legacy (Streetsblog Cap Hill)
  • Thought Provoking Subway Spots Give Way to MTA Promos (NYT)
  • Andrea Bernstein Remembers 2005 Transit Strike: Frigid Biking, Frosty Bloomberg (Transpo Nation)
  • Heartwarming: Second Ave Businesses Break Bread With MTA’s Subway Builders (NY1)
  • Gridlock Sam Returns From China With a Case of Infrastructure Envy (PBS)
  • The Great Bike Helmet Debate Goes Global (Grist)
  • Cliff Lee, the Southpaw Straphanger, Had to Get Out of Car-Dependent Arlington, TX (Star-Telegram)

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