Today’s Headlines

  • Times Editorial Page Sneeringly Advocates NYPD Crackdown on Cyclists
  • CB 1 Committee Urges Closing City Hall Park to Cyclists, Saying They Ignore Dismount Signs (DNAinfo)
  • Fight Over FDNY Crash Fee Heads to Albany (City Room)
  • Gridlock Sam’s X-mas Wishes Include Staten Island Subway, BRT on Highways (City Limits)
  • Emilie Gossiaux, Cyclist Hit By Unlicensed Truck Driver, Left Blind By Crash (News, Gothamist)
  • TLC to Increase Penalties for Rule-Breaking Cabbies (News)
  • Hertz Connect Car-Sharing Begins Offering New Yorkers Electric Vehicles (Transpo Nation)
  • Don’t Turn Hydrant Space Into Parking, Says News
  • Stringer’s Move to East Side a Wake Up Call on Second Avenue Construction (NYT)

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