Today’s Headlines

  • Goldsmith Looking to Privatize Municipal Garages (Post)
  • MTA Can’t Plead Poverty to Escape Arbitrator-Ordered TWU Raises, Says Judge (News)
  • Community Board Nixes DOT Safety Fixes for Queens Center Mall (News)
  • Census Reveals Gentrification of Urban Core, Diversification of Suburbs (NYT)
  • Barry and Jen Benepe: City Council Hearing Made a Mockery of Cyclists (Benepe’s Bike Blog)
  • Boroughs Again Have Nation’s Longest Commutes (Post)
  • David Greenfield Wants to Cut Hydrant Space to Add Parking. Will Hikind Cry Foul? (Bklyn Paper)
  • The Journal Offers Some Decent Cycling Advice, Hidden Behind Waves of Stereotypes
  • Tish James Pushes MTA to Unlock Doors Between Subway Cars, In Case of Emergency (DNAinfo)
  • Union Square Station Design Traps Riders Between Train and Platform (News)

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