Today’s Headlines

  • Christie Will Go Ahead and Spend $1.25B in ARC Money on Roads (Bloomberg)
  • Jay Walder on the MTA’s Next-Gen Fare Payment System (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Just How Green Is ZipCar Anyway? (TNAC)
  • NY State Will Lose a House Seat or Two, But the NYC Delegation Won’t Shrink (NYT)
  • Toronto’s New Light Rail-Hating Mayor: “The War on the Car Is Over” (Globe and Mail via Transpo Nation)
  • Bill Hammond Warns Albany Against Doing High-Speed Rail on the Cheap (News)
  • NYC Fire Deaths at All-Time Low, Even With All the Traffic-Calming Going On (Post)
  • Motorist Smashes Into Brooklyn Convenience Store, Sets Off the Peanut Gallery at Gerritsen Beach
  • Q&A With TransAlt’s Caroline Samponaro About NYC Media Coverage of Cycling (TheCityFix)
  • These Damned Cyclists Just Don’t Obey the Rules (Post)

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