Today’s Headlines

  • As Select Bus Service Launches in Manhattan, News Focuses on Upside, Times Sees The Hiccups
  • Scott Stringer: ARC Reveals Need For Infrastructure Bank and Peer-Reviewed Cost Estimates (Crain’s)
  • Cuomo Supports ARC Tunnel, Hedges on Fare Hike (Observer)
  • Bob Herbert Calls Killing ARC Tunnel “Government Policy at its Pathetic Worst” (Times)
  • New Jersey AFL-CIO Lambasts Christie For ARC Decision (Transpo Nation)
  • News Editorial Twists Stringer’s Bike Lane Report, Blames Sadik-Khan For Anarchy
  • Brooklyn Paper Point/Counterpoint: Residential Parking Permits or Taxing Ratner To Keep Spots Free?
  • Cargo Bike Sales On The Rise (News)
  • Reducing Subway Noise Top Priority for City Room Readers
  • Google Robo-Car Has Already Logged 1,000 Driverless Miles (Times)

Streetsblog NYC will be on a light publishing schedule today.