Today’s Headlines

  • NJ Legislature Strikes Deal on Road Funding As ARC Remains in Jeopardy (Transpo Nation 12)
  • Michael Daly to NYPD: Where Are The Quotas For Stopping Deadly Speeding? (News)
  • Clyde Haberman to MTA: Fare Hikes Aren’t Your Fault, But Start Sweating the Small Stuff (NYT)
  • Behind Every Planning Decision, You Always Find NYC EDC, Says Tom Angotti (Gotham Gazette)
  • Bloomberg Responds Cautiously On Parking Meter Lease (Post)
  • Chelsea Subway Stations to Get Cell Service Next Year, AT&T and T-Mobile on Board (News)
  • Jay Walder Loves Real-Time Info — Next Up Are Digital Screens Across City (Post)
  • Second Avenue Merchants Blame Subway Construction for Economic Woes (NYT)
  • After Brutal Assault, Union Wants More Protection for Traffic Enforcement Agents (Labor Press)
  • NYC Inspires D.C. to Look at Ped Plazas, Bike Infrastructure, BRT (TheCityFix, GGW)
  • In Real Life, Pete Campbell Rides the Bus and Isn’t So Uptight (NYT)

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