Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Ridership Up for the First Time Since 2008 (Transpo Nation)
  • Why Did Traffic Deaths Drop So Much Last Year? (MTR)
  • Law Should Treat Texting-While-Driving Like Driving Drunk, Says Assembly Member Felix Ortiz (NY1)
  • LIC Art Institutions Using Buses to Lure Visitors From Manhattan (News)
  • Downtown Biz Group Rolls Out Countdown Clocks for Its Buses, Shames MTA (NY1)
  • Scenes From the Fare Hike Circus in Queens (Queens Chron)
  • MTA Toll Hikes Might Only Apply to Drivers Who Pay Cash (News)
  • City Will Fix Sidewalks Torn Up By Tornadoes (News)
  • And Apparently Some Car Owners Think the City Owes Them for Their Damaged Vehicles (City Room)
  • News: No Special Treatment for DWI Jets Receiver Braylon Edwards
  • Cambridge to Parking Violators: Take a Deep Breath, Salute the Sun (Boston Herald)

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