Today’s Headlines

  • Andrea Bernstein: “The ARC Project Is in Deep, Deep Trouble.”
  • MTR Zeroes in on Chris Christie’s Transit Tunnel Hypocrisy
  • Van Hits Ambulance, Flips Onto Sidewalk, Kills 75-Year-Old Queens Man (News, Post)
  • Carolyn McCarthy Bill Would Cut Fed Funding to States Soft on Distracted Driving (Transpo Nation)
  • Freakonomics: Cash For Clunkers a Waste
  • Walder: MTA Fare Hike Structured to Protect Low-Income Riders (Post)
  • Bronx Lobbying Overturns Some MTA Bus Changes (Bronx Times)
  • Carl Paladino Unwittingly Makes the Case for Congestion Pricing (NYT)
  • Will Schneiderman’s Transit Advocate Past Be AG Selling Point? (NYT)
  • School Buses Late or Missing for Special Ed Students (News)
  • Plumb Beach Bike Path So Bad Cyclists Take to Riding on Belt Parkway (YourNabe)

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