Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Primary Day in New York — Get Out and Vote (News, MTR, NYT 1, 2)
  • On Election Eve, NYers Are Clueless About Causes of MTA Woes (2nd Ave Sagas, Transit Blogger)
  • Two-Year-Old Shamira Zaman Struck and Killed By SUV Driver in Queens Village (Post)
  • Clyde Haberman: Maybe Voters Should Get Mad at Themselves (NYT)
  • Rider Resignation at First MTA Fare Hike Hearing (NYT, News)
  • More Service Cuts Off the Table Til 2014, Promises MTA Exec (Post)
  • Samuelsen Lobs Bombs at MTA Over Hiring of New Bus Drivers (News)
  • Dooring Victim Jasmine Herron Was Just Getting Started in NYC (Post)
  • Will NYC Streets and Bike Culture Catch Up to Montreal in a Few Years? (Transpo Nation)
  • Kruger-Backed CB 18 Will Be Living the Dream — Dedicated Parking at New City-Financed HQ (Post)

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