Today’s Headlines

  • Sales of New Single-Family Homes Drop to an All-Time Low (Observer)
  • Vornado’s Promises to Improve Penn Station Help Win Approval for Midtown Tower (NYT)
  • Rejoice: Seatless Subways Are Off the Table (News)
  • Brooklyn Paper Comes to the Defense of Ghost Bikes
  • Post Gets Excited About Brooklyn Resident’s BQE Tunnel Proposal
  • Scooter Riders Seem to Think It’s Reasonable to Motor in the Bike Lane (Transpo Nation)
  • Council Looks to Ban Big Rigs From Parking on Residential Streets (CBS2)
  • LIRR Riders Still Feeling Aftershock of Equipment Failure (News)
  • Beijing Is Building a Great Wall of Cars (The Hindu via @tomvanderbilt)
  • Everything That’s Wrong With NY State Transpo and Planning Policy in 143 Words (Rochester NBC)

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