Today’s Headlines

  • As Planning Dept Re-Evaluates Parking Policy, Garage Industry Feels "Under Attack" (WSJ)
  • Ominous Signs That BP Well Cap Won’t Hold Up (NYT, News)
  • Matt Harvey Follows in the Anti-Bike Troglodyte Footsteps of Steve Dunleavy (Post)
  • But Wait, There’s More Bike Hate From the Editors at the Post
  • The Times and the Journal Take a Look at the Next MTA Fare Hike
  • Rise of the Custom Cargo Trikes (City Room)
  • Are Car-Owning NYers Too Stubborn for Car-Sharing to Take Off Here? (NYT)
  • Susan Dominus Wises Up to the Health Benefits of Walking + Transit (NYT)
  • Dan Garodnick Is Out to Reform NYC’s Corporate Street Fair System (News)
  • Building a Better Fulton Street for Tomorrow Is Squeezing Peds and Cyclists Today (Bklyn Paper)
  • HUD-DOT-EPA Honchos Talk About Their Joint Sustainable Communities Initiative (CityFix)

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