Today’s Headlines

  • Jim Dwyer Pens the Year’s Best Column on the MTA (NYT)
  • More About the New Transit Operating Aid Bill From MTR and 2nd Ave Sagas
  • Cuomo "Action Plan" Silent on Transit Funding (Transpo Nation)
  • Komanoff and the BTA Get Their Due in Wired Mag
  • City Room Covers the New Addition to the Hudson River Greenway
  • No More Deepwater Drilling? Not While We’re Hooked on Oil (Good)
  • Are "Shrinking Cities" Really Growing Smaller, or Are They Sprawling Out? (Switchboard)
  • Car Blog Jalopnik: Indian Cities Won’t Be Able to Function With Millions of New Cars 
  • News Milks Spit-Gate for Editorial Content
  • Parking Ticket Cast as Villain Opposite Adorable Newborn (News)

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