Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood in NYC: Tolls Could Pay for Transpo Bill, But Only on New Asphalt (Transportation Nation)
  • TSTC: Manhattan and Brooklyn Most Dangerous for Senior Pedestrians (MTR, Post)
  • Cyclist in Horrifying Union Square Crash Identified as 36-Year-Old Pilar Ortiz (Gothamist)
  • Times, Crain’s, WNYC Cover Robert Lieber Resignation
  • Neglecting State Parks Could Cost More Than Keeping Them Open (WNYC)
  • State Senate Accuses State DOT of Fiscal Waste (MTR)
  • MTA Won’t Renew Contract With Goldman Sachs (City Room)
  • Mobbed-Up Sub Axed From East Side Access (NYT); Kabak: Low-Bid Mandate to Blame
  • SI GOP Nominates Ex-Rep, Convicted Drunk Driver Vito Fossella for Former Seat (Advance, News)
  • Markowitz Releases Plan for Revamped "Brooklyn Boulevard," a.k.a. Fourth Avenue (Eagle)
  • As Promised, City Health Commish Thomas Farley Now Biking to the Office (News)

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