Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Board Mulls Busted Budget; Forecast Calls for More Layoffs (NY1, SAS)
  • Ravitch Breaks With Paterson on Daffy Payroll Tax Gimmick (Wonkster)
  • Newsday: It’s Time to Rethink Congestion Pricing
  • Post Approves of Walder Cuts, Which May Include Conductors (News)
  • Wayne Barrett to Bloomberg: You Can Do More to Protect Pedestrians (Voice 1, 2)
  • Will Erinn Phelan and Alma Guerrero Get Justice? Don’t Count on It (Wonkster)
  • Facing Uncooperative Suspects, Police Turn to Blood Test to Reveal Identity (Post, News)
  • Another Off-Duty Cop Charged With DWI After Bronx Crash (NY1)
  • Chuck Scarborough to Jonathan: Be Thankful for My Windshield Perspective (City Room)
  • Own a Toyota? Andrew Cuomo Has Your Back (Gothamist)
  • Studies Find More Americans Using Transit, Walking, Cycling, Driving (MTR, USAT)

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