Today’s Headlines

  • Times to Albany: Bridge Tolls or Horrendous Transit Cuts? The Choice Is Clear
  • News: Permanent Plazas on Broadway the Right Call By Bloomberg; Post: Safety Gains ‘Meaningless’
  • Deliveryman Killed By Drunk SUV Driver in Long Island City (News)
  • Intoxicated Off-Duty Cop Plows Into Garbage Truck, Flips Onto Sidewalk in Front of Tiffany’s (NYT)
  • State Senators Vote to Give Drunk Drivers a Break (On Transport)
  • Yglesias: Transit Service, Not HSR, Gives You the Best Bang for Your Transpo Stimulus Buck
  • Brooklyn Eagle Psyched for Select Bus Service on Nostrand Ave
  • NJ Gov Chris Christie Shows His Anti-Transit Stripes (MTR)
  • Irate, Childish Motorists Pay Less for Parking By Vandalizing Meters (Post)
  • Kaid Benfield: Vancouver’s Olympic Village Deserves a Medal for Walkable, Sustainable Development

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