Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg: Success of Car-Free Broadway Not Just About Effects on Traffic (City Room, Post)
  • Drum Major Institute: Congestion Pricing the Only Way to Stave Off Transit Catastrophe (HuffPo)
  • Pentagon Ranks Global Warming a Destabilizing Force (Guardian)
  • NYCT Rolls Out New Three-Door Bus for SBS Corridors (SAS)
  • Report: MTA Letting Contractors Off the Hook for Shoddy Work (NYT, News, Post, AMNY)
  • New South Ferry Terminal Already Springing Leaks (AMNY)
  • Daily News Makes Light of Traffic Deaths in Weird, Half-Hearted Enforcement Cam Endorsement
  • Vowing to Reduce Traffic Collisions, SFPD Chief Initiates Review of Bike-Ped Policies (Streetsblog SF)
  • NYC Night Scenes, Seen From the Saddle (City Room)
  • Sure, Slime Molds Can Design Transit Networks, But Can They Fund Them? (Freakonomics)

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