Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Address Ignores State of the Union’s Cities; Major HSR Reveal Expected Today (DMI, NRDC)
  • More Coverage of Inter-Agency Street Safety Pledge: News, City Room, Advance
  • Improvements for Cyclists and Peds on Prospect Park West? DOT Isn’t Talking (News)
  • New TLC Ban on Distracted Driving Takes Effect Tomorrow (Post)
  • Changing Course, Bloomberg Says Terror Trial Too Disruptive for Lower Manhattan (NYT, Post)
  • Eminent Domain Fight Threatens Hudson Train Tunnel Timeline (NYT)
  • Gothamist Weighs the Relative Merits of MTA Shuttle Buses
  • Renovation Will Bring Tennis, If Not TV, Back to Grand Central Terminal (AMNY)
  • Man Killed by 5 Train at Atlantic Avenue (City Room)
  • Unpainted Speed Bumps Cause a Stir in Astoria (News)
  • Gov’t Scholar, Former Indy Mayor: Chicago Parking Privatization Got a Bum Rap (Governing)
  • Bailout-Declining Ford Reaps First Yearly Profit Since 2005 (NYT)

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