Today’s Headlines

  • Real Estate Report: The Future Belongs to Urbanism, Not Sprawl (Switchboard)
  • Weiner: I Coulda Beat Bloomberg (NYT)
  • Tish James on Improving NYC’s Most Unreliable Bus: "Balance the Interests on Both Sides" (Post)
  • Secure On-Street Space Is the Next Frontier for NYC Bike Parking (City Room)
  • Bank on the Biking Biz — It’s Recession-Proof (WNYC)
  • Nicole Gelinas: MTA Labor Negotiations Need More Sunlight (Post)
  • Disturbing History of Bus Driver Who Killed Seth Kahn (News)
  • NYCT Disciplining More Bus Drivers for Txting-While-Driving (NY1)
  • NY State to Raise $ Thru New License Plate Gimmick (NYT, Post)
  • Alice Rivkin: We’ve Got to Raise Infrastructure $ Thru Real Fees on Driving (Streetsblog Cap Hill)

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