Today’s Headlines

  • Lt. Gov Ravitch: Fees on Driving Will Happen, Eventually (News)
  • Bloomberg "Failed to Steer" Development on His Watch (NYT)
  • Matt Schuerman Profiles the Safe Yet Contentious Grand Street Bike Lane (WNYC)
  • The GMAC Bailout Is "Cash for Clunkers" By Another Name (WSJ, Naked Capitalism)
  • 5,000-Lb Hunk of Metal Snaps Off Bay Bridge, Closing It Indefinitely (NYT)
  • Gearheads for Livable Streets? Hot Rod Lover Gives Up "Soul Sucking, Dirty" City Driving (Slate)
  • City Council Raises Fine for Leaving a Car Idling and Unattended (AP)
  • Rash of Child Passenger Deaths Has News Calling for Action in Albany
  • Queens Dems to Back Jose Peralta in Primary Against Disgraced Monserrate (NY1)
  • News Goes After Arbitrator Who Decided MTA-TWU Contract
  • Word of the Day: "Doodyhead" (News, AMNY)

More headlines over at Streetsblog Capitol Hill. Also, some consolation for Yankee fans: At least Phillies Game 1 ace Cliff Lee is a straphanger.