Today’s Headlines

  • NYC DOT to Swap Vehicle Fleet for Car-Share (NYT)
  • Distracted Drivers: My Job Is More Valuable Than Your Life (NYT)
  • NYPD Ped Killing: Mayor Pledges Resolution; Brace Yourself for Defense Tack (NYT, Post, Post)
  • Weekend DWI Crash Claims Washington Heights Pedestrian (Post)
  • News: Thanks to Albany, Killer Drunk Drivers Have More Rights Than Their Victims
  • Vincent Gentile Makes Parking Enforcement Sound Like History’s Greatest Injustice (News)
  • Work Continues on Sands Street Bike Path, as Does Illegal Parking (B’stoner)
  • Brian Ketcham: Redeveloped Kingsbridge Armory Would Be a Traffic Magnet (News)
  • Nassau County’s "Lighthouse" Project: TOD Without the T (WNYC
  • Cops Target Unlicensed Central Park Bike Rentals (City Room)
  • News of the Weird: Stickballers Play in Park Slope Traffic (News)

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