Today’s Headlines

  • Parking-Crazed NYCEDC Gets Stim Funding for Two Big Development Projects, More to Come (NYT)
  • Year After Placard Reform, Arbitrator Gives Back 5,000 Parking Placards to NYC Principals (Post)
  • 12-Year-Old Passenger Severely Injured in Bayside Drag-Racing Crash (News)
  • The Post Thinks MTA Deal With TWU Was a Foregone Conclusion
  • Brooklyn Paper Loves Sands Street Bike Path But Still Frowns on the Fifth Avenue Bike Lane
  • Ed Glaeser Gets Skeptical on HSR; Ryan Avent Responds (Economix, Streetsblog Cap Hill)
  • Everybody Pays for the Scourge of Free Parking (HuffPo)
  • NJ Court: TSTC Lawsuit to Prevent Highway Widening Is Totally Legit (MTR)
  • Taconic Crash Stirs Gov: Paterson Wants Tougher Penalties for DUI With Kids in the Car (News)
  • NJ Transit Link to Meadowlands Debuts Tomorrow (News)
  • Park Slope Mom Tracks Down Bike Thief After Cop Spurns Plea for Help (Gothamist)

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