Today’s Headlines

  • Shocker: Staten Island Not Bitching and Moaning About Car-Free Summer Street (SI Live)
  • It’s All About Parking: Bx Merchants Blame Select Bus Service and Traffic Agents For Woes.
  • NYC Taxi Medallions Now Cost $766,000! (USA Today)
  • B’berg Campaign Ad Blitz Focuses on Transit. Congestion Pricing? Nope. (Mike NYC)
  • Senate Adds $2 Billion More For Clunkers. DOT Declares Success. Zilch For Transit. (NYT)
  • Bronx Pols Want Ferry Service to Manhattan (Post)
  • That’s Right: "No Parking" Also Means "No Breast Feeding" (City Room)
  • NYC’s Subways Were Almost Built as Moving Walkways!? (New Scientist)
  • Local Media Obsesses Over Deadly Taconic Crash (News, Post, NYT)
  • Crusty Clyde Haberman Proposes Charging Extra for Subway Cargo (NYT)
  • Should Madison’s Train Station Be Downtown or on the Edge? (Planetizen)

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