Sean Sweeney Redefines “T.A. StreetBeat”

  • SoHo bike crank
    Sean Sweeney claims that a cyclist punched him in the face. He’s got a black eye to prove it. We haven’t received the SoHo Alliance press release yet but you can read about
    it in the Downtown Express.
  • State Assembly transportation chair David Gantt is blocking a common sense bill to ban text-messaging while driving and his fellow Democrats are finally realizing that he’s a problem. (Buffalo News)
  • Jebediah Reed wipes the floor with New York Magazine’s Janette Sadik-Khan profile. (Infrastructurist)
  • WNYC launches its radio series on bus rapid transit with a story out of Bogota, Colombia. That’s right: A story about buses on the radio. Who’d have thought?
  • NYC DOT’s new Street Design Manual is now available for download.
  • Step aside Simon Cowell. Carly Clark and I have judged and selected the winners of Good Magazine’s "Redesign Your Street" contest.
  • LIRR president Helena Williams is named interim CEO of the MTA. Lee Sander steps down tomorrow. (2nd Ave. Sagas)
  • Charles Komanoff argues that the Waxman-Markey greenhouse gas reduction bill isn’t going to get the job done. (Grist)
  • It’s an exciting time to be a parking policy geek in San Francisco. (Streetsblog SF)