Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Left Van Double-Parked, in Reverse Before It Killed Kids; No Charges Filed (NYT, News, Post)
  • Oberstar: Transit Pushed Aside for Tax Cuts in Stimulus Bill (TPM)
  • State Senate Warms to Payroll Tax; Bridge Tolls? Not So Much (News)
  • A Visionary Stimulus Would End Six-Lane Boondoggles, Make Cities More Walkable (Bloomberg)
  • Atlanta Leaders Frustrated at Lack of Local Transit Investment (Ryan Avent)
  • How Do You Make St. Louis More Transit-Oriented? (Yglesias)
  • New York’s New Senator Is a Blue Dog U.S. Rep from Upstate (News)
  • Overhead Wires May Soon Be Obsolete (Transport Politic)
  • Wheels Pens Another Hydrogen Car Fantasy