Today’s Headlines

  • What New Yorkers Want From the Stimulus (NYT)
  • Enviro Groups: Stimulus Draft a Failure on Green Transportation (TPM)
  • Did Obama Team, Reid and Pelosi Shortchange Transit? (Grist)
  • Oberstar Pins It on Outgoing U.S. DOT Staff (Open Left)
  • Why Hire Construction Workers If You’re Firing Bus Drivers? (StarTrib)
  • NYT Suggests Subsidizing Hybrid Purchases, Ignores Carbon Tax
  • Why Albany Needs Term Limits (MTR)
  • DC Mayor: Pedicabs the ‘Official Vehicle’ of Inauguration (AustinBikeBlog via
  • The Inauguration as Car-Free Experiment (Obamathon Man)
  • Ride the B or Q From Brooklyn to Manhattan to See the Restored ‘Masstransiscope’ (NY1)

Have a good Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone. We’ll be offline the rest of today and posting lightly tomorrow.