Today’s Headlines

  • Car Makers, UAW to Plead With Pelosi for More Government Assistance (NYT)
  • Obama Team Considers ‘National Listening Tour’ on Energy and the Environment (Grist)
  • More Dispatches From Tuesday’s Obama Revelry in NYC Streets (City Room, Bklyn Paper)
  • Hoping for a New Era of Transit Investment (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Jeff Klein Backs Malcolm Smith to Lead State Senate, While GOP Tries to Keep Control (Post)
  • Intrepid Investigators at CW11 Go After Parking Agents
  • National Trend: Bike Racks as Public Art (USA Today Via Planetizen)
  • NYT Makes Walkability a Selling Point in Real Estate Profile of NJ Town
  • NJ Turnpike Widening Comes Under Fire from Transportation Planners (MTR)