Today’s Headlines

  • Gas Taxes Down, Bush Admin Wants to Borrow From Transit to Pay for Highways (NYT)
  • 2008 Will Likely be the First Annual Reduction in VMT Since 1980 (Bloomberg)
  • Riders Flock to Boston’s T in Record Numbers (Globe)
  • Cyclist-Tackling Cop Stripped of His Gun and Badge… For Now (News, Post, NYT)
  • San Francisco City Hall Puts Forward Plan to Make Market Street Car-Free (Chron)
  • Phillies Shortstop Jimmie Rollins Stuck in Traffic, Shows Up Late for Game at Shea
  • Bloomberg and Paterson Warn of Massive Budget Deficits, "Pension Bomb" (NYT)
  • … And Don’t Forget About That $490B Federal Deficit (News)
  • On Summer Vacation, Density Opponents Go to Dense, Walkable Beach Communities (Next City)