Today’s Headlines

  • Straphangers Campaign: Growth in Bus Ridership Outpacing Service Increases (NYT, Post, Crain’s)
  • Members of Congress Don’t Want Public to Think They’re Ignoring Gas Prices (NYT)
  • Graphing the Decline in U.S. VMT (Gristmill)
  • DC’s Transpo Policies Attract Ire of Suburban Car Commuters (WaPo)
  • NJ May Fund Turnpike Expansion By Privatizing New Lanes (NYT)
  • What Are the Elements of a Well-Used Bike Network? (Planetizen)
  • New Plan Would Keep Traffic Out of Downtown Brooklyn Park (Brooklyn Paper)
  • NYU’s Buses, Unlike Ikea’s, Don’t Allow Just Anyone to Ride (VentriloquismNYC)
  • Zipcar to Promote ‘Low-Car Diet’ This Summer (MTR)