Today’s Headlines

  • Time to Create a New Vision for US Transportation Policy (Detroit Free Press)
  • Food Prices Soar as Farmers Grow Crops to Feed Our Vehicles (NPR)
  • Will Americans Ever Embrace Congestion Pricing? (WaPo via Planetizen
  • Andy Darrell: Other Solutions to the City’s Traffic Crisis (Goth Gazz)
  • Après Congestion Pricing, Traffic Types Fixate on Paris (NY Mag)
  • "Reform-Minded" Broadway Democrats Defend the Status Quo (Daily Politics)
  • MTA Will Harness Solar and East River Tidal Power (NYT, News)
  • Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone (Sun)
  • DOT Installs Misspelled "Merser St." Sign (News)