Today’s Headlines

  • Weprin Says He Doubts Pricing Revenues Will Be Used for Transit (Post, News)
  • Milan Introduces ‘Ecopass’ Congestion Charge (Globe and Mail
  • CT Lawmakers Ponder Road Pricing, Lament Lack of Transit (Fairfield Minuteman)
  • Corzine Shouldn’t Use Tolls to Pay Off NJ Debts (Post)
  • Report Blasts Transit Service for Disabled (NYT)
  • Water Taxi Singled Out as Wasteful Subsidy (Post
  • One Year Later, Subway Arrival Signs Still in ‘Test Phase’ (NYT)
  • Land Seized for Yankees Parking Turned Over to Developers (Post
  • Woman Loses Legs After Being Hit by Bus; No Charges Filed (Post, Sun)