Today’s Headlines

  • US Open Turns Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Into a Parking Lot (News
  • Half-Hearted Taxi Strike Produces Long Waits, Frustration (NYT, Sun)
  • New Taxi Technology Should Serve Passengers and Cabbies (NYT)
  • Queens Taxi Owner Was a Car Thief (News
  • In Albany, Bogus Investigations Overshadow Governing (NYT)
  • Bruno Annnounces $22M in Rail Initiatives for Albany Region (Daily Politics
  • L.A. Planners Want to Waive Developers’ Parking Requirements (LA Weekly)
  • Berkeley Sidewalk Vendors Say BRT Leaves Them in the Dust (Oakland Trib)
  • Federal Funding Stacks the Deck Against Transit (TransitMiami)