Today’s Headlines

  • Gothamist: Dan Hanegby Crash Video Contradicts NYPD Victim-Blaming
  • What Happens While the 10th Precinct Tickets People on Bikes: DNACBSABC, AMNY
  • Related: Ydanis Bill Would Require More Sidewalk Bollards (AMNY); And: ABC; Advance 1, 2
  • Cuomo and de Blasio Fight Over Who Cares More About the MTA (Politico; News; Post 12)
  • State Senate Passes Bill to Kill the Payroll Mobility Tax (Poughkeepsie Journal)
  • Grandstanding Cuomo Directs MTA to Stop Paying Amtrak for Penn Station (NewsPost)
  • Cuomo’s New Penn Concourse: Nice, But Won’t Make the Trains Run on Time (NYT, Gothamist, MTR)
  • Hudson Yards Isn’t Paying for Itself, Much Less the 7 Line Extension (NYT, AMNY)
  • DiNapoli: MTA Failing to Meet Its Own Standards on Subway Station Repairs (AMNY)
  • Driver Convicted of Manslaughter for Queens Crash That Killed Mother and 2 Kids (DNA)
  • MTA Cop Hits Staten Island Pedestrian — and You’ll Probably Believe What Happens Next (NewsPost)

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