Today’s Headlines

  • Stella No Big Deal, Unless You’re a Straphanger (NY1Gothamist; Advance 12Post)
  • DSNY Leaves Curb Mountains for Days (Rag); NYT: “Few Complaints” About Storm Response
  • New Jersey Lawmakers Try to Block Cuomo’s Port Authority Power Grab (Post)
  • Cuomo’s LaGuardia Traffic Management Plan: More Uber (DNA)
  • State Senators Release Three Competing Budget Resolutions (NYT)
  • Former CB 7 Chair Mel Wymore Says He’s Running Against Helen Rosenthal (News)
  • Two Stories on How Trump Wants to Further Degrade NYC Air Quality: Gothamist, AMNY
  • If Cuomo Can Ban Big Rigs From Interstates, Why Not the Streets of NYC? (Politico)
  • Speeding Driver Rips Car in Two on Williamsburg Bridge, Killing Passenger (News)
  • People You Share the Streets With (Post, AdvanceNews)

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