Today’s Headlines

  • Metro-North Trains Collide in Connecticut, Injuring Dozens and Disrupting Service (NYT 1, 2; AP; 2AS)
  • Bronx Crashes Leave One Pedestrian Dead, Five Hurt; Three Kids Critical (PostNewsDNA, NY1 12)
  • Cyclist Killed by Livery Cab Driver Near Brooklyn Museum; No Charges Filed (News, NY1, Gothamist)
  • Vito Lopez Expected to Resign Today (NYT); Times Calls on Dems to Oust Silver as Speaker
  • Gelinas: MTA Has No Idea How It Will Spend Federal Storm-Proofing Funds (Post)
  • Former Upper Manhattan Assembly Member Guillermo Linares Held Onto His Placard (Post)
  • TLC Cracks Down on Brooklyn Dollar Vans (NY1)
  • Curb-Jumping Cab Driver Crashes Into Duane Reade in Chelsea (DNA)
  • Pete Donohue Thinks It’s Silly to Ticket Cabbies for Distracted Driving (News)
  • Classy: Daily News Publishes Pro-Bike Op-Ed, Then Attacks Author Paul Steely White
  • Retired Post Editorial Page Editor Bob McManus Is an Angry Man With Much Time to Kill

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