Today’s Headlines

  • Will James Vacca Ever Tire of Bashing the Only City Agency Acting to Make Streets Safer? (Post)
  • TSTC: Many More Are Killed On the Streets Than On the Tracks, So Where’s the Outrage?
  • Anti-DOT Presser Coverage Omits Illegal NYPD Protocols and Stalled Reforms (TransNatPostCBS)
  • Cab Driver Slams Into Elderly Woman in East Village (DNA); News: It’s OK, Cabbie Had the Light
  • Motorist Pleads Guilty to DWI Killing of Worker on Grand Central Parkway; Sentence TBD (DNA)
  • Ten Blocks of Broadway Will Go Car-Free for Super Bowl XLVIII (CapNY, Bloomberg)
  • Major League Soccer Refuses to Consider Citi Field as Alternative to Park Stadium (CapNY)
  • Riders Alliance Campaign for More G Train Service Gets Some Press (DNA)
  • Handful of NIMBYs Show Up to Complain About Metro-North Service Increase (NYT)
  • Traffic Lights Sprout in Ditmas Park (DP Corner)
  • Turns Out There Are Some Places NYPD Can’t Park With Impunity (Gothamist)

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