Scenes From a Commute Without Subways

The Queensboro Bridge bike and pedestrian path. Photo: ##

With the NYC subway system knocked out indefinitely and service suspended on the LIRR, Metro-North, NJ Transit, and PATH systems, New Yorkers are gamely heading back to work today. MTA bus routes have resumed service, but across the board, their status is “Delayed.” Early reports indicate that traffic is a disaster. It looks like HOV restrictions, busways, and bike/ped lanes can’t come soon enough.

Here are a few images from NYC’s streets this morning, sent by readers and plucked from Twitter. Send in your photos of the commute without subways to

Waiting for the M104. Michael Paulson, an editor at the Times, reports that crammed buses are bypassing stops. Photo: ##

A bus stuck amidst the cars on the inbound Gowanus. Photo: Streetsblog reader Moocow
Traffic snarled on Queens Boulevard, heading toward the Queensboro Bridge. Photo: ##