Today’s Headlines

  • Marty Golden and Bay Ridge Win Fight to Restore Two Express Bus Lines (Transpo Nation)
  • Van Driver Injures Pedestrian on Houston St., Police Say Vehicle Had Green Light (DNAinfo)
  • Cortlandt Street Station Construction On Schedule (NYT)
  • Progress on Greenway Plans as East Side Pier Set for Construction Work (Crain’s)
  • Red Light Cameras Popular, Unless Seen Only as Revenue Source for City (NYT)
  • In U.S., Bike-Friendly Cities Have Bike-Friendly Transit — and NYC Doesn’t (NYT)
  • NYPD Crackdown Forces Food Trucks Onto Sidewalk (DNAinfo)
  • After Collision, Woman Wants All Cyclists Insured (Villager)
  • Smart Growth Champ (and Cuomo Ally) Sam Hoyt Takes Senior Econ. Dev. Job (CapTon)
  • NJ Increases Transit Hub Tax Credit But Removes Affordable Housing Requirement (WNYC)

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